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2020 Family Mission

April 13, 2020 through April 19, 2020

Find out more about this mission by downloading the Initial Fact Sheet.

This mission is an exciting and life changing opportunity! We come to serve, not receive – though the reality is that most of us receive more than we could ever give. It is most important to maintain a disposition of flexibility and humble service. Change is inevitable, especially in Honduras, so it is important to be ready to adapt to the needs of the mission at any given moment. We will serve in villages and local parishes in and around the city of Comayagua for the Diocese of Comayagua. Comayagua is the city in which Missioners of Christ have a community formation house and the Friars of the Renewal have a retreat center called Casa Guadalupe, which will be your base for the days before and after the time spent out in the villages. You will receive orientation, planning and preparation for 1 1/2 days from our Honduras mission community members, and then will be broken into smaller teams to reach all the local villages and ministries we will serve. You will visit the local village with your team. Together, you will have houses visits, meet & pray with families, and put your gifts at service for different programs with children, teens, and adults. You will have an unforgettable mission experience because "Christ lives and WANTS you to come alive".